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Italy Travel Tips:  Things You Should Know Before Visiting

How to get from Fiumicino airport to Rome City centre. 

FCOIf you're coming to Rome from abroad, you'll probably be landing at the Rome Fiumicino airport. And by the time you get off your flight, you'll be jet-lagged, exhausted, and anything but "switched on." No matter how excited you are to be in Rome.

That's why you have to have an idea of how you'll get from the airport to your Rome hotel before you land. Because otherwise, that taxi driver who (illegally) approaches you at the terminal to offer you a ride, when your hands are full of bags and you've realized your phrasebook Italian isn't enough to ask someone where you should go, might seem tempting.

Here some options for you:

Just line up outside the airport in the designated queue and you’ll get a flat rate. 2016 Flat rate from the airport to Rome is 48 euros, luggages included up to 4 people. A fast train (Leonardo express) or several private shuttle services are also available.

Shuttle Service by Terravision is 4 euros and there is a ride every 20 minutes and you can even book the transfer on line:

If you’d prefer a private limo service, please make sure you book ahead of time. There are several private companies in Rome and, for my experience,  I would suggest, they have a desk inside Fiumicino airport and theynever charge extra if your plane is delayed.

- Restaurants and shops opening times

The large majority of italian restaurants are not open all day long

Many restaurants, especially the fancy ones, don’t open until 7.30pm or later.

ATMs & Money

It’s a good idea to exchange some money before you leave your home country. ATMs are the most economical way to exchange money while you are in Italy, but the airport ATMs may be empty when you land (especially on a weekend) and you don’t want to be forced to exchange your money at one of the expensive currency exchanges.