The Cistercian Splendor: Fossanova & Casamari

The Cistercian Abbeys of Casamari and Fossanova, south of Rome


The Cistercian Abbey of Casamari is located about two hours north of Naples and one hour south of Rome. It  is one of the most stunning reminders of the middle ages that you will ever encounter.  The Casamari Abbey provides a glimpse into the evolution of religious customs that are still practiced today, in addition to providing clues about the daily existence of people living in the Middle Ages.  The first impression of the monastery will be one that you will not soon forget.  To the peasants of the 11th century, the high stone walls must have made it seem like only the will of God could have created such a place. 

Not far from Casamari is an other perfect example of Cistercian architecture is the abbey of Fossanova. It is located closer to the Tyrrenian coast and to the Appian way so the geographical setting is completely different from Casamari. We will visit the Church, cloisters, and chapter house perfectly preserved as well as the Chapel of St. Thomas of Aquinas where the Saint died in 1274. The little village surrounding the abbey has wide, cobblestone lanes lined with faded red buildings overgrown with fragrant purple flowers.

After the tour we will visit enjoy a food and wine tastings. Along the main street facing the abbey was a long red building  filled with wonderful little shops. At one end was a cafe with outdoor tables; the others housed a terracotta craft shop, a biscotteria (entirely dedicated to bags of homemade cookies) and a fresh meat and cheese shop (with the local specialty mozzarella di bufula).

Who are the Cistercian monks?

Cistercian, byname White Monk, or Bernardine, member of a Roman Catholic monastic order that was founded in 1098 and named after the original establishment at Cîteaux (Latin: Cistercium), a locality in Burgundy, near Dijon. The order’s founding fathers, led by St. Robert of Molesme, were a group of Benedictine monks from the abbey of Molesme who were dissatisfied with the relaxed observance of their abbey and desired to live a solitary life under the guidance of the strictest interpretation of the Rule of St. Benedict.

  • easy train ride from Roma Termini, pick up at the train station by your local guide and ride in a comfortable mercedes van.
  • private tour of the Abbey of Casamari by qualified tourist guide
  • private tour of the Abbey of Fossanova and museum
  • traditional food & wine tastings
  • All entrance tickets included
  • Enjoy the amazing landscape of the Lepini Mountains
  • Lear about the history of the Cistercian order
  • tailor-made itinerary to suit your requests and interests

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