Seafood & Wine Tastings along the Tyrrenian coast

Enjoy seafood & typical wines while touring ancient Roman towns and the stunning coastline.

On this memorable journey you will learn, first-hand, about the history, culture and cuisine of this magnificent area off the beaten paths, almost unknown to tourists, but very well known by locals and Romans. Let's discover together this secret part of Italy!

Fresh seafood,  juicy vegetables drizzled in olive oil, aromatic local wines – all local ingredients that the region is rightly famous for.


  • easy train ride from Rome and ride in our luxury mercedes minivan
  • Taste typical seafood and wines
  • Customized itinerary according to your interests and timeframe
  • Private guided tours by qualified tourist guide and archeologist: roman villas, hilltop towns and the stunning scenery of the tyrrenian sea.

The tour will be planned according to your requests and interests:  we can organize additional activities such as private cooking classes, wine tasting in a traditional winery.  Enquire now to discover all the options:

For detailed itinerary and cost information:


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