Hidden Gems: Roman Towns along the Ulixes riviera

Minturno,  Sperlonga and Terracina, names you have probably not heard of but will never forget.

Stunning landscapes, unforgettable vistas and ancient Roman towns off the beaten path.

Our adventure starts from Minturno, the roman town of Minturnae, one of the largest archaeological sites, south of Rome. Guided tour by qualified Tourist guide and archaeologist with its very well preserved theater, appian way and roman forum. Next stop is the amazing villa of Tiberius. In our comfortable van we will reach Sperlonga with the Villa of the emperor Tiberius and archaeological museum. Tiberius, the  emperor, who ruled the Roman Empire from 14 AD to 37 AD, made his summer residence in Sperlonga south of Rome. Archaeologists have found a series of sculptures in the villa's grotto that reveal a taste for Hellenic art and the adventures of Homeric hero Odysseus. Emperor Tiberius chose this site for his summer residence: a beautiful natural setting right on the sea with roman fish ponds still intact.

Our last stop is the Roman Temple of Juppiter Anxur in Terracina, situated on the edge of the high cliff  overlooking the sea. It was originally inspired by the great scenographic architecture of Hellenistic Greece and belongs to the series of ancient sanctuaries in Latium that were rebuilt on a monumental scale during the late Republican period of Ancient Rome, at the end of the second and the beginning of the first centuries BC. From its altitude of 227 metres above sea level, the unforgettable vista that can be enjoyed from the temple dominates the city of Terracina, the Pontine plain, Mount Circeo and the sea, stretching as far as the Pontine islands and Ischia.

Join our private tours to explore the Ulixes coast or Riviera di Ulisse, an unforgettable journey off the beaten paths. 


  • easy train ride from Rome and comfortable mercedes van touring the coast in in our comfortable mercedes minivan.
  • Private guided tours by qualified tourist guide and archeologist.
  • All entrance tickets included to Minturno, Sperlonga and Terracina archaeological sites
  • Taste typical seafood and wines
  • Customized itinerary according to your interests and timeframe.

For detailed itinerary and cost information: viaromatour@gmail.com

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