The roman amphitheater of Spartacus in Capua

The Roman Amphitheater of Capua & Museum of the Gladiators

The second largest amphiteater, after only the colosseum. It was erected during the time of August and its underground level are the best preserved and can be visited. The  underground was  were used for storing equipment, men and animals and had installations for raising these to the arena floor. It was at Capua that the gladiator Spartacus led the Servile War of 73 BC, celebrated in the Kirk Douglas movie though the building today belongs to after that date and was probably erected in the early to mid 1st century AD. A.

Every time I lead a tour in Capua, I feel amazed as this wonderful roman amphiteater  is almost unknown to the majority of tourists, even in Italy. The added bonus is no line, no tourists. Here, in Capua you can relax and enjoy the experience: underground levels or walking in the arena is allowed, no advance reservation required, here in Capua everything is easy, far from the crowd to enjoy the spectacular architecture of one the best preserved Roman amphiteaters in the world.

  • Easy train ride from Rome or from Naples
  • Met by your guide at the train station and ride in a comfortable merceds van.
  • Tour led by archaeologist and qualified guide.
  • Private walking  tour of the amphiteater of Capua, also known as "the amphiteater of Spartacus" with entrance tickets included
  • visit the museum of the gladiators
  • learn about the Ludi of Capua "Gladiatorial training School", first school to be attested in the late II century BC  and produced a famous gladiator: Spartacus.
  • Complimentary Food tastings with napolitan specialities.
  • The tour can be fully personalized based on your personal interest and timeframe.
Optional activity:

The tour can be combined with a guided tour of the Monte Cassino Abbey or the Royal palace of Caserta. 


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