Alatri Acropolis and Cyclopean Walls

Alatri and the fortified towns of God Saturn.

According to myth God Saturn founded five towns in Lazio. All the five towns were encircled by high walls and the town’s name started with an A: Arpino, Alatri, Atina, Anagni and Ferentino (Antino). People have lived in this towns for over 3000 years and it’s a history-lesson just looking up at the high walls that gird the town. Giant, irregularly-shaped Cyclopean blocks from about 7th century B.C. The best preserved Walls are in Alatri, a charming little town perched on the top of a hill. The stones composing the walls are truly gigantic, each weighting many tons, and as finely fitted together as to leave a few millimeters at most between the joints. But it is their near impossible acute angles and interlocking corners that cause the greatest amazement, as if each stone was individually carved to be a piece of a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

Not much has changed since the time when Ferdinand Gregorovius first described the cyclopean walls of the Acropolis of Alatri as “the most astounding monument of the past in Latium”. It was 1859 when he wrote these words:  “The sight of this marvelous masonry, which equals in size any existing Egyptian building, would amply repay the visitor for the longest and most fatiguing day's journey […] When I walked round this black, Titanic, construction, just in as good preservation now as if years, instead of thousands of years, had passed over them, I was filled with amazement greater than when I first beheld the Colosseum at Rome

Let's discover together the misterious pre-roman town of Alatri.

  • easy train ride from Roma Termini, pick up at the train station by your local guide and ride in a comfortable mercedes van.
  • walking tour in the historical center of Alatri and visit the main sights including the Acropolis, Cyclopean walls, roman and medieval center as well as the local museum housed in a 1200 AD building
  • lunch in typical trattorias off the beaten paths tasting authentic food that only locals know
  • enjoy beautiful views, amazing countryside and fairy landscape
  • tailor-made itinerary to suit your requests and interests

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