In the footsteps of Saint Benedict: Monte Cassino, sacred history and WW2

Benedict, Patron Saint of Europe: Monte Cassino, doors to heaven!

If you don't see Monte Cassino you won't believe the paradise as my grandmother liked to say. The white stone building perched on top of  Monte Cassino gives you the feeling of wanting to stay here forever and enjoy the peace and stunning scenaries.

Let's begin our spiritual trip, visiting the  monastery of Montecassino, craddle of the Western European monasticism, where Saint Benedict arrived in 529 AD.

Following the different stages of the Routes faith,  the traveller is immersed in a unique atmosphere, one that offers an increasingly rare opportunity to listen to oneself, to one’s own emotions, whilst discovering at the same time the complexity and different forms of the monastic movement, which made its mark on the history, art and culture of Italy from the VIth century A.D. onwards and provided a determining contribution to the birth of European civilisation. The idea of the monastery, its construction and its spatial location, was the innovative element that defined western coenobitic monasticism, of which Saint Benedict was the pioneer. As the oriental concept of hermitic monasticism was thus abandoned, the monastery became “the place of faith”, where belief became visible, in an “active piety” which, by including not just monks, but also travellers and believers, actively sought contact with man.

  • easy train ride from Roma Termini, pick up at the train station by your local. guide and ride in a comfortable mercedes van.
  • guided tour of the Monastery of Monte Cassino including the cell where Saint Benedict lived and the remainings of the roman tower and diocesan museum.
  • lunch in typical trattoria with authentic traditional food & wine
  • Visit the archaeological site of the roman Casinum with archaeological museum, the ancient via latina, remainings of the amphiteater and roma theatre
  • tailor-made itinerary to suit your requests and interests
  • continue your spiritual journey in the footsteps of Saint Benedict and visit also the Benedection monasteries of Subiaco  where the Saint lived before moving to Monte Cassino.
  • WW2 tours customized according to your requests. For more information visit my other website

The tour can be fully personalized according to your timeframe and request:


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