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Rome and Lazio off the beaten path!

My name is Danila. I have been studying, living and working in Rome my entire life. I  have a Degree in Cultural Heritage and a Master’s Degree in History and Archaeology. In 2005 I was certified, by the Italian Tourist Authority, to work as a professional tourist guide. 

I will be happy to design for you, an authentic Italian experience customized to your interests and time frame. I will show you the places that only the locals know and the tourists never find. 

History, Archaeology, food and wines, English language studies, travel, and photography are some of my interests. Working as a tourist guide I have the rare opportunity to combine my skills with my passions. I will be happy to share my knowledge with you! 

Ciociaria, (Cho-cha-REE-a) is one of Italy’s few remaining ‘undiscovered’ areas. Book one of my tours and discover this secret part of central Italy, off the beaten path.

Where is the province of Frosinone, also known as Ciociaria?

A few dozen miles south of Rome but a world away from the hot, hectic capital; Ciociaria is a region of peaceful landscapes and fascinating little towns.

Geographically, Ciociaria often resembles Umbria & Tuscany with  its pleasingly shaped hills backed by much steeper, softly rounded mountains and fronted by immensely fertile valley floors. Like Umbria too, it is unrelentingly green and wooded, with olive trees bristling across grassy arcs of hillside, dark conifers and shaggy deciduous trees cloaking the slopes of mountains. 

With its fresh and relatively cool summer air, Ciociaria has long provided stressed workers from Rome with a respite from the capital’s heat. But to visitors from beyond Italy, the area is almost entirely unknown. Only two places in Ciociaria have ever seen significant numbers of foreign visitors – Fiuggi, whose mineral-rich waters put it firmly on Europe’s fin-de-siècle spa-trail, and Montecassino, whose mighty hilltop monastery was a regular sightseeing stop between Rome and Naples for young gentlemen doing the Grand Tour.

I personally lead all tours and I will do my best to make your experience a memorable one.

 Book VIAROMATOUR and experience the trip of a lifetime!